Why not Microsoft (Part 1 of many)

I just saw this Microsoft channel on Youtube comparing Microsoft solutions with Google’s. I couldn’t resist writing this up.
  1. If I need to mix different features in a blender then its not easy to manage. In fact it could very well turn out messy.
  2. “Documents zip across back and forth without a hitch”. Okay, but what usually happens when you have “documents zipping back and forth, and back and forth, and back and forth, and…” Think turning the blender on without closing the lid.
    I’m also not sure why the diagram above shows a “phone” between a “PC” and a “browser”? Are you seriously telling me to e-mail my 40MB powerpoint slide on dialup? back and forth..back and forth..back and forth?
  3. “A costly excess of tools for people who don’t use them” I just don’t understand how the fool who approved this could have done so while keeping a straight face? Isn’t MS Word and Outlook bloated beyond belief with tools that most people don’t use?
Here’s the video. Judge for yourself.

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