Enter iPad 2: @naelshawwa’s top 5 iPad apps

For my birthday my fiancé gave me an iPad 2 which I have been talking to her about since the first iPad. My birthday weekend was spent playing with a handful of apps I couldn’t get on my iPhone and or witness familiar apps in all their glory on the iPad.

Here goes, at #5 we have:

#5 Penultimate

I saw my buddy Andrew use this on his iPad, so I got it to try it out. It’s good, not great for writing because its missing this close-up mode, but its free.

#4 Prezi Viewer

This is a sick app! The whole Prezi idea rocked my brain when I first came about it. This app lets you present your Prezis (not create them) anywhere. Great app and its even more amazing when you present it your TV. Next time you’re putting together a deck in Powerpoint or even Keynote – have a look at Prezi first.

#3 iMockups

Brought to you by the guys at Toronto’s Endloop Studios this is a beautiful app for mocking up iOS and web apps. Beautiful designed for designing on the go although I’m not a designer by trade this app will help me visualize what I want to build to others and myself. Job well done boys!

#2 Notes Plus

A great note taking application – works well with your finger or even a stylus. My favourite feature is the close-up writing which makes it easier to take notes and end up with legible notes. Close-up writing makes you write in this “box” in big clear font which then gets positioned on the paper at a smaller size. Other features include a few handy gestures for re-arranging your note and quickly deleting stuff. Beautiful designed app and great for sketches and notes.

#1 Flipboard

Flipboard is absolutely stunning and without doubt it is probably the best designed piece of software I have ever used. Its idea is pretty simple – explore your social networks, blogs, websites, RSS feeds, etc. as a magazine instead. Word’s don’t do it justice, and this video does a better job, but trust me when I say you should try it to really understand.


What are you top 5? Please share in the comments.


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