Tired beyond belief

I think today can go down in my book of tiring days as the most tiring day ever. It started out with the gym this afternoon, then some jogging, followed by a game of squash (you might be thinking ‘wow Nael seems pretty active’ but mind you the last time I did any activity of half this magnitude was 2 months ago) then taking out some empty boxes that were lying around in my appartment, and tidying up the place, moving some furniture around to put the dining table where it should be but it wasnt because the boxes were taking its place and then reading two chapters from a book my professor selected for me to present a lecture on next week.
(Man Ms Judith (my highschool english teacher) wont be impressed at all with that last 6 line sentence…)
It took me a good 3 hours to read one chapter and prepare some notes on it, I still have another one, plus making some slides. Its not that bad, but it takes so much time and I was already tired and the best part of it all is that I have to teach for an hr next week! Crazzy!

Plus I will probably have a pile of work to do for my job which I excused myself from all last week since I had a crazy ass midterm to study for which could not have went worse than it did on Friday. I can’t be more sure that I did horrible on it..my first grad school midterm down the drain (20% of my grade) Ill be lucky if I pass it..plus it was multiple choice too and who needs me to explain to them how my luck works with multiple choice exams..especially when math is involved..it cant get worse than that, a math multiple choice exams where the wrong answers you might come up with show up in the option list just so you can get slightly excited about the fact that after all the calculations you did your answer is on the list then to get rudely surprised with a big red ‘X’ right through your answer! (The part about the excitement wont happen in this midterm since I guessed a lot of the answers..I wish they were educated, a few of them were wild roullete guesses)

Anyway enough ranting, Im off to bed. Oh while messing around on Facebook I found away to import my blog into my notes there..Pretty cool since I was thinking today why doesnt Facebook have a blog..but I guess ‘my notes’ is ‘my blog’ in facebook terms.

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