Rethinking time

Adam Schwabe blogs:

The Polar Clock has circular bars that move to complete the day of week, date, hour, minute and second in what first appears to be a confusing arrangement, but is surprisingly logical.

This is a pretty neat perception of time, and it makes a lot of sense, probably even more sense than the confidential method. Other than having a really cool looking “clock”, the interface is also more intuitive. Rather than just being able to tell what the time is, I believe with this you can easily tell how much time is left until a certain time. The other good point although not really applicable today, is the fact that if the conventional time system of 24hrs a day does ever change, it would be easier to change using this method by just changing how much the circular bars increment. Since time is read relative to the complete size of the circular bar, it would be easier for people to “get used” to the new method.

This was quite an interesting read, perhaps I should try to rethink the ordinary.

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