They’re all doing it wrong: tablet ads

Take a look at these tablet commercials, can you spot the similarities?

Toshiba Thrive

Motorolla Xoom

Blackberry Playbook

The first three mentioned things like “flash-loving” or “app-rocking” or how many “ports” it has, or how many “mega pixels” the camera has etc. etc. It doesn’t really matter I think, these specs don’t mean anything to non-techies. Tell me what I can do with it, don’t try to blow my mind with fancy galactic graphics -unless its an app on your tablet. Don’t tell me it’s “flash-loving”. I don’t even know what Flash is. I don’t know that it powers video online, I just know that video can play in my browser. HDMI connection? WTF is that? Show me projecting the tablet’s display onto a 50″ screen instead. 16:10 High Res display? what is this? 2nd year statistics? “3G upgradeable to 4G”? “Dual core processor” As for the Playbook commercial, what are you trying to sell me here? an awesome looking bus stop? or an equally awesome giant touch board room table?

Leave these boring technical details out of your commercials. I won’t buy a tablet because it loves Flash 10.1, nor would I buy one because it has an HDMI port. I won’t buy it because it comes in 12 different colours. Nor would I buy it because it has a 5MP display.

Toshiba, Motorola, RIM: If you still haven’t learned a thing or two about iPhone ads, or iPad ads, here’s a few of my personal favourites. Take notes and remember the three videos above. The products may be good – the Xoom was pretty decent actually – but the commercials sucked.

And now the royal flush of tablets: Apple’s iPad

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