Minimalistic Web Designs Are More Effective

Its easy to see that minimalistic web designs are more effective – just compare with and then compare the stock price for each. One glance at is enough for you to know that Google does search, what does tell you? search? email? cars? real estate? news? personals? dating? Less is in fact more.

The major component of a simple web design is plenty of white space. It is harder to focus on the content when the site is cluttered. So Keep It Simple, Stupid.  
Make good use of typography. Do this to compensate for using less graphics and pictures. With a simple and not cluttered design, you are actually maximizing the impact of images.
Finally color is very important. The old blog template used here did not use color very well and did not help with making the content stand out.  It is also very important to have a specific purpose for the blog, this blog has more of a purpose today than it did last year. It also has a focal point, the most important content is here.

So tonight a new template was chosen, one with less clutter and more white space, better use of color and typography and all of this coincides with the change in direction I started a month go to have a more defined purpose and that is presenting My Thoughts on Technology and Web Applications.

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