Malaysian man pays US$54,300 for car license plate..

Jeez, can anybody get even more stupid? $54k for a licence plate? Why? Why? Why? Well actually a lot are even more stupid than this. In the UAE were I used to the live, the goverment used to hold auctions on licence plates, and people would buy. The only difference there is that the licence plates have only numbers on them, not letters, and they have different colors. For example, the red licence plate was the first color to come out, so a number like ’123′ would easily go over $54k, it might even reach $1,000,000. I have read in the papers there of prices going up to $1,000,000 for one stupid number. Some people in the world just have too much money and cant wait to find ways to spend it ridiculously. If it was cheaper for example, it wouldnt be as stupid, but spending thousands or even hundreds of thousands on dollars on a licence just extremely idiotic.

Its just like a cell phone number, some people (such as myself) got to choose the last 4 digits, for example my last 4 digits spell NAEL (6235). I did not have to pay anything for that. If I did have to pay something, I wouldnt go over $10. Who gives a shit what your numbe looks like anyway. Most people store them in their cell phones and never have to see the number ever again…as for the car, having an easy to remember licence plate such as ‘TAN’ (like in the article) or ’1234′ like in the UAE just makes it easier for the cops to remember your licence plate. Oh right I forgot in the UAE the licence plate number is directly proportional to your ‘royalness’. The nicer your number the better the connections you have in the goverment and royal family. So ’1234′ might be the cousin of president (who doesnt even have a number on his plates, just a golden eagle)


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