Italy strike late to break hosts’ hearts

Beautifull game! So far the most entertaining of the whole cup, not just because the Italians won, but because it was just attack after attack, there was almost no midfield! Grosso’s amazing goal broke the deadlock 2 min before the end of the second extra time after a perfect pass from Pirlo. Del Piero then scored again a few minutes later catching the Germans in the counter attack. The ref did some bad calls, and forgot others. Italy commited a foul and a handball in the box, but got lucky without a call. On the other hand, the Germans got lucky twice when the Italians hit the post twice in the extra time. All in all, it was a fair game and the best team won. There was a clear foul and an even more clearer corner kick for Italy that somehow got overlooked by the ref, but thats not so bad I guess.

The cup is 1 match away now, and beating the Germans in their home, infront of 60,000 Germans is something and I doubt the French or Portuguese can stand up against the Azzurri.

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