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I haven’t tried this yet, and I don’t have an iPad still, however this video is just screaming at me to go buy an iPad just for this app. It’s kind of like how Shazam and UrbanSpoon apps in the iPhone ads were the “kick over fence” for me.

I’m not all that interested about using it for Facebook, the use case that appeals to me the most is its Twitter integration. Twitter is a brilliant way to keep up on news in any field, on any topic, any event.

I’m not that interested in reading any individual’s Twitter feed on the Flipboard. What I’m interested in is something like NewsMap however personalized like Flipboard. For this to work the way I think I’ll find it useful, it needs to support Twitter lists, more than off my feed. Following 350 people is not easy, it stopped being easy at 25, and this is where TweetAgora came to the rescue. TweetAgora tackles this problem from one angle, identify the noise to amplify the signal. Its a very good angle. I tried a lot of Twitter clients for the iPhone and Mac, and honestly no other app tackles it as effectively as TweetAgora.

There is another angle, the angle that Flipboard could come at it, from what I have learned from Bretton MacLean it doesn’t support that angle yet. When the characteristics of the noise are known, we can improve the signal to noise ratio, however if you don’t know these characteristics, then you could reduce the actual signal. One of the great things about Twitter is that it opened my mind to all sorts of different topics that I didn’t know I was interested in, I can miss them in my global feed, and I won’t have them in my agoras because the characteristics are still unknown to me.

So here is the meat of this post. I’m thinking some sort of crazy mashup of Twitter lists, combined with Twitter lists of members on Twitter lists I follow. Ex. If I follow list A, and user 2 is on list A and they own list B, perhaps mashing up the content in list A and list B will bring to my attention new stuff for me to read when I look at the Flipboard magazine that contains list A. After all, the magazine’s soul purpose is to show you something you didn’t know, and kill time. : )

Anyway, congratulations to Mike McCue and the Flipboard team. All the best. I can’t speak for the app itself, but the video is sick! Help me kill time more effectively.

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