#DevTO – You don’t just write code

#DevTO started out with @kevinkvs and @jonezy thinking about the need to have a regular meet up for developers in Toronto to share and learn from each other. I first heard of this idea on Twitter from Chris and was immediately intrigued and offered to help out. @clickflickca also joined in later on the fun and brings his experience organizing and running other events around Toronto.

A big part of our jobs involves learning; from yourself and others around you. The challenges you encounter are as wide as the job titles. The other big part of the job, is showing off how you solved that problem and what you have learned.

Some of us are lucky to have a team of awesome developers that you work with every day to learn from, bounce ideas off and show off the end result. Some of us might not have that daily. How to convince your boss that the database needs optimization? How can you reduce your build time in half? Need to know about common pitfalls building mobile sites? Got some IE6 horror stories and the scars to prove them? This is where #DevTO comes in.

No matter what technologies you have used, are currently using or are thinking of learning #DevTO is for you. The broader the audience the better. This event is not just limited to developers. Kevin co-founder and Community Cobra Commander of #DevTO said it best:

If you are liking the sound of this so far then make sure you RSVP to our second event tomorrow night:

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