Crash ‘n’ Burn: The 11th hour for Flash

Adobe’s rhetoric continues after the curve ball Apple threw. The whining continues with this post: On Adobe, Flash CS5 and iPhone Applications.
Sadly, the whining doesn’t change anything, and Adobe’s argument would have been more valid if they didn’t trying to lock developers into Flash/Flex and if it -Flash- were really open. Also, I think Adobe’s Flash/Flex tools favor developing using Cold Fusion on the server side… you can use other server-side technologies however I believe the tools “play” better with Cold Fusion.
Apple’s decision makes 100% business sense to me. They’re advocating for their own platform, or open standards. Just like Adobe advocates for their own platforms, or open standards. What’s wrong with that?
Flash filled a void in the 90s, but where is that void today? Is it even still needed? Yes its far superior technology, but its a closed technology. And to think that Android will succeed because it has Flash is just absurd. Android could be the iPhone’s real challenger ONLY because it is open. The above post also seems to confuse “open” with “cross-platform”. They’re very different. Flash is cross-platform because its not open.
Flash needs something different right now, we don’t need Flash to deliver rich content online anymore. We don’t need flash to deliver sexy fonts. We don’t need Flash to scroll and fade text. Soon we won’t need Flash to play video – my Youtube embed below is still in Flash- . We don’t need navigation built in Flash. So much stuff we needed Flash for (right or wrong) , that are just not needed today.
On to Flex, Flash’s younger cousin. We – the majority – don’t need that as well. Slowly but surely applications will move to the web. They may have some Flash components that could now just be as easily done in HTML5 or even HTML and some nifty JavaScript. Where I can see Flex fitting, is for these extremely specialized software, such as CAD or medical imaging. Such software is expensive and time-consuming to write, and would be a pain to translate into different operating systems. Such software also comes with heavy visualization, so its a good fit with Flash. Maybe thats where Flash will head, who knows? But there is definitely hardly any room today for Flash on the web.
This song is dedicated to Adobe Flash, I don’t know who your savior will be, but you really need one right now…bad.

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