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How to: Google Docs Form with Multiple Spreadsheets

I caught a question on Twitter today about Google Docs Forms and Spreadsheets: Can one #Google form populate multiple spreadsheets? If so, how? #help #GoogleDocs — Roberto Sarjoo (@robsarj) December 19, 2011   I have been sharpening my skills in … Continue reading

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The good, the bad, and the ugly: large scale JavaScript apps

It’s pretty sad that no matter how hard JavaScript tries to be more “serious” it is still perceived as that “scripting” language. Compared to Java or C++ or something else that is “more serious” JavaScript won’t have a chance. But … Continue reading

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Dojo templates & Google Maps InfoWindow

I have been building mashups using Google Maps since 2007 and one problem I had is passing in the content for these bubbles that show up when you click on a marker i.e. the InfoWindow. One big annoyance with it, … Continue reading

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Dojo How To: Publish / Subscribe

I haven’t been using Dojo for a very long time, just over a year now, but its time I blog about all the little great features I have learned. One of the features I like the most in Dojo is … Continue reading

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URL SEO Best Practices & Liferay Virtual Hosting

It is very important to have a good URL if you are looking to improve your search engine page rank. At least if you are doing everything wrong in terms of SEO, having a good URL gives your website a … Continue reading

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Pimp Your Slides Using

Learned about this neat presentation online application called Prezi. 100% online, free to use with some limitations (no private presentations, 100MB limit). Still awesome application, easy to learn and fun to use. Love it. Decided to give it a test … Continue reading

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How To: Use Twitter Feed and Bitly to Promote your Blog

A couple of weeks ago I joined twitter in effort to experiment more with promoting my blog and get a bit more traffic. Before I get into that, rule number one in generating traffic is Content is King Now I … Continue reading

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