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Dojo templates & Google Maps InfoWindow

I have been building mashups using Google Maps since 2007 and one problem I had is passing in the content for these bubbles that show up when you click on a marker i.e. the InfoWindow. One big annoyance with it, … Continue reading

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First Google Maps Mashup Turns 5 Years

Last Thursday the Google Maps mashup turned 5. Paul Rademacher posted this on Craigslist announcing a Google map mashup of housing properties. That post started it all. Back then, there wasn’t even an official API for Google Maps. That mashup … Continue reading

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Toronto Google Street View Time-Lapse

Its pretty exciting that Google Street View has finally launched across several Canadian cities. What is more exciting, is finding myself standing outside the ThinkWrap Solutions office! View Larger Map

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Recursive Search in Google Maps – Why is it interesting?

Apparently this has been out for some time now, but I am able to run recursive searches on Google Maps. I have used the “What is nearby” searches, but I was unaware I can do this from the search field. … Continue reading

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Track Swine Flu On Google Maps

Google Henry Niman has published a Google Maps application to track the recent Swine Flu outbreak around the World. Google Google Maps platform is a great way to quickly publish applications regarding current events. For a Swine Flu tracking application … Continue reading

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Computer breakdowns, Google Reader, TimeSpace and goodbye 2008

Once again I find myself neglecting this blog, lets see if 2009 is a better year.So my PC laptop crashed at home last week, and after many many attemps I managed to boot it into safe mode just long enough … Continue reading

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Deja vu!

I was checking out (a community to share map locations and points of interest using the Google Maps application), and I decided to check out the location for Pentura Solutions where I started working this week. To my surprise … Continue reading

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