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Enter iPad 2: @naelshawwa’s top 5 iPad apps

For my birthday my fiancĂ© gave me an iPad 2 which I have been talking to her about since the first iPad. My birthday weekend was spent playing with a handful of apps I couldn’t get on my iPhone and … Continue reading

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Moore’s Law killed HP’s PC business

Last week HP announced that they won’t be making anymore WebOS devices and leaving the PC business altogether. Initially the plan for HP was to integrate WebOS into all their future hardware. That plan is now scrapped. HP seems to … Continue reading

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The good, the bad, and the ugly: large scale JavaScript apps

It’s pretty sad that no matter how hard JavaScript tries to be more “serious” it is still perceived as that “scripting” language. Compared to Java or C++ or something else that is “more serious” JavaScript won’t have a chance. But … Continue reading

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They’re all doing it wrong: tablet ads

Take a look at these tablet commercials, can you spot the similarities? Toshiba Thrive Motorolla Xoom Blackberry Playbook The first three mentioned things like “flash-loving” or “app-rocking” or how many “ports” it has, or how many “mega pixels” the camera … Continue reading

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