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@flipboard – my personal magazine

I haven’t tried this yet, and I don’t have an iPad still, however this video is just screaming at me to go buy an iPad just for this app. It’s kind of like how Shazam and UrbanSpoon apps in the … Continue reading

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Dojo templates & Google Maps InfoWindow

I have been building mashups using Google Maps since 2007 and one problem I had is passing in the content for these bubbles that show up when you click on a marker i.e. the InfoWindow. One big annoyance with it, … Continue reading

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Dojo How To: Publish / Subscribe

I haven’t been using Dojo for a very long time, just over a year now, but its time I blog about all the little great features I have learned. One of the features I like the most in Dojo is … Continue reading

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John Underkoffler points to the future of UI

I caught this video by John Underkoffler – the science advisor for the movie Minority Report on TED the other day and it got me thinking about web interfaces, especially for online banking such as CIBC’s and online billing such … Continue reading

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Sir Ken Robinson is a brilliant speaker, thinker and evangelist.

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