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iPhone Search Bar and Web Services

I have started experimenting with developing applications for the iPhone last week – which is mainly why I bought a new mac mini to replace my old PowerBook G4. Apple did an amazing job with the documentation and there are … Continue reading

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MAMP: Mac, Apache, MySQL, & PHP

Install Apache, PHP and MySQL on a Mac in a few clicks. Search “Mac Apache MySQL PHP” and the first result you will get is MAMP. Like the popular LAMP installs for Linux you can do the same with a … Continue reading

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Technorati Blogosphere Tag Chart

Just a few minutes after claiming my blog on Technorati I got introduced to their Blogosphere Chart widget which goes to show how useful this tool can be for not only researching your topics but keeping tabs on the top … Continue reading

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New Bloggers: Submit your content to the Social Web – the sooner the better

Over the weekend I created my Technorati Profile to help promote my blog, build links, network and aid in my research before posting. Basically these are the reasons why one should use Technorati – one of many similar tools. About a month … Continue reading

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Social Media and the Swine Flu: The Social Web Pandemic

What does it mean that a disease has been categorized as a pandemic? Mainly the disease must spread through a population dispersed over a large geographic area; a continent or even several continents. Consider the Swine Flu example. Lets say … Continue reading

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URL SEO Best Practices & Liferay Virtual Hosting

It is very important to have a good URL if you are looking to improve your search engine page rank. At least if you are doing everything wrong in terms of SEO, having a good URL gives your website a … Continue reading

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Thinking Out Loud: Content Personalization – Context Aware Ads and the Social Web

In continuation from the first Thinking Out Loud post titled “Content Personalization – Tell Me Who Your Friends Are” the second – yet more important – use of this type of personalized content is targeted advertisement. Google has owned this area with … Continue reading

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Minimalistic Web Designs Are More Effective

Its easy to see that minimalistic web designs are more effective – just compare with and then compare the stock price for each. One glance at is enough for you to know that Google does search, what does … Continue reading

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Recursive Search in Google Maps – Why is it interesting?

Apparently this has been out for some time now, but I am able to run recursive searches on Google Maps. I have used the “What is nearby” searches, but I was unaware I can do this from the search field. … Continue reading

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