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Hyperlocal News – Personalized News For You

With online services like Animotto, Flickr, Blogger and Twitter almost anybody can be a video producer, photographer, journalist or news reporter- no degrees or formal training required. With these new mediums the average person can create and distribute their content … Continue reading

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Referential Integrity: honesty is the best SEO policy

What does it mean to provide something that is relevant, precise, and efficient? The common factor between these terms is the truth and nothing but the truth. Google defined the rules for this game; they want to help you rank higher, … Continue reading

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On the current state of online ads: Ads 3.0 – Social Aware. Context Aware. Personalized.

Mozilla Labs launched a new experiment in how one may enhance their Firefox experience using Jetpack modules. Firefox plugins have been one of the most popular features of Firefox that allows the user to personalize and customize their Firefox web … Continue reading

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Navegg for behavior web analytics beyond Google Analytics

Navegg is a web based add-on just like Google Analytics but aims to report on visitor demographics and behaviors – which you cannot achieve with Google Analytics. This information is extremely important for marketers, but it is also important if you aim to … Continue reading

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Lessons learned from Gordon Ramsay

Ever watched an episode of Kitchen Nightmares? I mainly got into it because of the similarities between running a kitchen  Gordon Ramsay style and how a lot of software processes could look at Gordon Ramsay for direction. Ramsay’s kitchens are … Continue reading

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SEO without social; Cereal without Milk

How does a bowl of cereal without milk sound? Some do it but you are always left with an extremely bugging question “Why?” SEO, SEM & SERPs – The Whats, Whys and Hows? Search Engine Optimziation according to Wikipedia is the … Continue reading

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The Three Rules of Epidemics by Malcolm Gladwell

In his book “The Tipping Point – How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference” Malcolm Gladwell explains how that idea, trend or social behavior crosses that specific threshold and explodes. That magic point in time is the “Tipping Point”. … Continue reading

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Facebook Application: – truly personalized recommendation engines

With the rise of the social web, personalization has quickly become more and more important for the consumers as well as the providers. Personalization allows you to target specific types of content to specific types of people, hence increasing your … Continue reading

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Liferay Virtual Hosting & Friendly URLs

Virtual hosting is an important feature in Liferay that allows you to customize Liferay URLs to suit your needs. You may want to customize the URL for SEO reasons or user friendliness or you may just not like having that … Continue reading

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Real time, social, microblogging and context aware searching

A couple of days ago Google’s Eric Schmidt reportedly said that Google is looking into ways of intergrating microblogging within their search. ‘Microblogging’ is really code name for Twitter and this news is rather interesting after the rumors earlier this … Continue reading

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