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Thinking Out Loud: Content Personalization – Tell Me Who Your Friends Are

“Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are” That saying cannot be more true today – especially with all the available social networks. How does Amazon make recommendations to its users? While they don’t … Continue reading

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Google Maps Swine Flu Timeline

A few hours a go I wanted to see a timeline of the Swine Flu and I just found this Swine Flu timeline on Google Maps Mania. Using the Google Earth plugin and the data from the same map I … Continue reading

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Track Swine Flu On Google Maps

Google Henry Niman has published a Google Maps application to track the recent Swine Flu outbreak around the World. Google Google Maps platform is a great way to quickly publish applications regarding current events. For a Swine Flu tracking application … Continue reading

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Free Ad-Hoc Business Intelligence and Database Reporting

I struggled for the past week searching for an easy to use, intuitive and ad-hoc business reporting tool. Today I came across Wabit from SQL Power – a Canadian consulting firm that specializes in business intelligence reporting. There are a … Continue reading

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Wordle – Still Beautiful Word Clouds

Generating a tag cloud is an art in itself, Wordle has perfected this art. I will try and generate a word cloud from this blog every month to try and visualize the topics I have been talking and ranting about … Continue reading

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Pimp Your Slides Using

Learned about this neat presentation online application called Prezi. 100% online, free to use with some limitations (no private presentations, 100MB limit). Still awesome application, easy to learn and fun to use. Love it. Decided to give it a test … Continue reading

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How To: Use Twitter Feed and Bitly to Promote your Blog

A couple of weeks ago I joined twitter in effort to experiment more with promoting my blog and get a bit more traffic. Before I get into that, rule number one in generating traffic is Content is King Now I … Continue reading

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PhotoMap: Snap, Grab and Walk away

Following an earlier post about improving university campus maps I found this neat mobile application that allows you to make better use of a physical map. Basically you snap a photo of the map whether its at a theme park, … Continue reading

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Twitter Mail and Blogger Atlast

Since I joined twitter a few weeks back I have been trying to figure out how to get my posts here automatically tweeted without me having to tweet each one individually. I was going about it the wrong way, I … Continue reading

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Upgrade your university’s campus map

One of the recent projects we worked on was a campus map for the University of Ottawa (uOttawa). The great thing about this map, is that it is not the usual image or PDF map that seems to be the … Continue reading

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