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Why is Yahoo bigger than Google in Japan?

Found this post on about Yahoo being bigger than Google in Japan – when it comes to search. Why? Stan Schroeder attributes this to things being different in Japan; for example the iPhone is struggling for market share there. … Continue reading

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Why Twitter sometimes collapses

I just noticed something odd in the twitter over capacity screenshot I tookthe tweet birds are not flying in the same direction!

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Ministry of Transportation Ontario Online Transaction – FAIL!

Although I have been in Canada since 2001, I started my drivers license graduated program in 2004 only – I should have done it earlier but that is not the point of this post. The Ministry of Transportation in Ontario … Continue reading

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Twitter Over capacity

wow..what are the odds, I was just trying to add a twitter feed to this blog and it was not pulling in any content.What’s worse is that there will be “too many tweets” about this as soon as things are … Continue reading

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I give a tweet!

I caught the twitter bug this week and decided to give twitter a chance. I did not even understand the whole idea behind it until I watched this great video that explains it all. Basically its great for learning more … Continue reading

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