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Reminder to all: Italy world cup champs 2006

Ok, I know promised I will not talk about this anymore, but I just pulled out the pictures I took when I went downtown and celebrated with the Italians. Check them out here.

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One Red Paperclip…

I have been keeping track of this little story of a Canadian guy who started trading a red paperclip July 12 2005 in hope of being able to trade his way into a house. Surprisingly he accomplished that on July … Continue reading

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Fresh Mac OS X Tiger for Vicky

So I purchased OS X Tiger earlier in the summer and didnt get the chance to install it properly on my G4 PowerBook. Today I erased everything and started from scratch. I made sure to burn the free software the … Continue reading

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Italy up to 2nd place from 13th in June 2006

I was curious to know how Italy’s world ranking was affected by their recent World Cup win. Before the world cup they were ranked 13th, now they are all the way up to 2nd trailing behind Brazil. Brazil was already … Continue reading

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Definitely not a psychic!

My predictions:Inzaghi doesnt play against Australia and rests for the game after (Argentina). Italy beats Australia 3-0 and moves on to face Maradona’s team in which Italy wins 3-2. The Argentinians are shorter than the Italian players, so they will … Continue reading

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Linux virtual keyboard

Since it doesnt make any sense to have a physical keyboard inside the flight simulator it makes a lot of sense to get a virtual keyboard such as xvkbd. Like any other open source project, it comes with the source … Continue reading

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Italy strike late to break hosts’ hearts

Beautifull game! So far the most entertaining of the whole cup, not just because the Italians won, but because it was just attack after attack, there was almost no midfield! Grosso’s amazing goal broke the deadlock 2 min before the … Continue reading

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